Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My husband is AMAZING! Blessed with the BEST!

Hello again! In my frenzy of trying to post my last update, I left out a very important part of my post. My husband has absolutely come into his own in the pool! I am so beyond impressed with him, not just as his wife, but as co-workers :) He LOVES these kids and even though he is new to teaching, he is a natural! The way he relates to them and just has this effortless way of connecting. Seeing God use him in such a unique way is so amazing. God has just been showing me day by day how perfect we are for one another, how His perfect plan is for us to serve together and how blessed I am to have such an incredible husband! Yesterday we had a lesson with a 23 year old man who works with Heather, the American we met at church. He is the Sports coordinator for a non profit in a city nearby. He was really scared about swimming but I told Heather to have him call us up if he wanted lessons, and he did. I got him in the water and had him going under and holding his breath. I really felt like Kopo should teach him so I let him take over. It was INCREDIBLE! They bonded, Kopo had him laughing and completely put him at ease. He was kicking by himself for quite a distance by himself by the end. He had a blast. And it really instilled confidence in Kopo concerning his own teaching. Here are some shots I got of them:

He is such an awesome reminder to me that when God calls us to do something, He will equip us and truly show that He is in control. I love my obedient husband and I am so blessed to have this amazing opportunity to serve together. His heart for others is inspiring.


  1. What a blessing! i love you both!

  2. You both are doing such a great job. Not only a blessing to those who you guys are teaching/helping...but us here..witnessing God working in you both! Love and miss you both!!! God Bless.